Flashes and Shorts

Consider the android.  The mind of a once-living man scanned into the electronic brain of a robot.  Such a creature could see, hear, speak, and move -- and yet the tag ends of disconnected features Mark One Homo Sapiens can take for granted no longer form a part of the androids being.  Imagine the consequences.

Will our home always be Earth?  Or will living on distant planets change that perception?  Could even the cruel surface of Mars become home to some? 

The tales in Flashes and Shorts runs the gamut of speculative fiction.  SF, fantasy, horror, and weird tales of no particular genre.  They're all here.  Follow the link labeled S & F Sample, read a couple introductory stories, then buy the Ebook at Booklocker.  The collection is also available in electronic format at:

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Pawn's Gambit - a military SF novel

In the bloody aftermath of an unsuccessful rebellion against Rattan, mad king of Sandakar, Jubal Khan and the other survivors are pursued by Sandak Special Directorate thugs.  Leaving the island of Cappabar is not an option.  The Special Directorate has a long reach and a longer memory! The fugitives have no choice but to begin organizing another revolt.  Khan must lead his little army of desperate men back across Cappabar to overthrow a lesser tyrant and his sorcerer while fighting off SD kill squads.  Then, he must confront Rattan, now styling himself Emperor of all Cappabar.  Lurking behind the scenes is Vulch, Rattan's chief warlock.  A shadowy figure, he practices the darkest of the black arts in the depths below Special Directorate headquarters.

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Gehenna Station - a novel of the Imperial Marines

Screw up bad enough, Marine, and you might find yourself on a ship bound for Hell's doorstep. Inferno. Men call it a myth. They say there is no Punishment Platoon in a desert crawling with hungry raptors. But men disappear. Some come back. Most don't. Those that do won't talk of Inferno, or raptors, or a hellhole called Gehenna Station.

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